Jumping into a weak shower first thing in the morning or watching the kettle slowly fill due to low water pressure is not a great way to start the day. In some cases low water pressure cannot be avoided but there are some quick fixes to increase your flow before you need to contact your local plumber.

Ask Your Neighbours

Find out if your neighbours are experiencing the same issues as you, if they are then it’s likely to be an area issue and will be dealt with accordingly.

Test your water pressure

If your neighbours are fine then the problem lies within your home. If you can get your hands on a pressure gauge, attach it to a hose connection and turn on the tap. You are looking for a reading of around 60 PSI for an acceptable water pressure.

Clear your pipes

Over time your pipes build up a mineral deposit, decreasing the pipes diameter which in extreme cases can lead to clogs and stopping or slowing the flow of water. Extreme clogging can result in pipes having to be replaced but for many cases a simple flush trough with a good drain clearing solution should do the trick.

Open up

Ensure that the main water valve is fully open, this is usually located near to the water meter and surprisingly this is a common reason for slow water flow.

Try out these simple but effective solutions to ensure your water pressure is restored to normal or even better, however, if your problems persist contact us at a href=”mailto:nigel@dnplumbingandheating.co.uk”>nigel@dnplumbingandheating.co.uk</a>